Fraudulent Emails to Voyager Customers


It was brought to our attention that one or more fraudulent emails were sent to Voyager customers on or about July 2nd from a domain impersonating Voyager. Because the safety of your recovery is important to us, we wanted to bring this to your attention as soon as possible.

All critical communications from Voyager will be sent from the domain only. Please be diligent reviewing all Voyager-related communications and confirm that they were sent from:

As a reminder, Voyager will never contact you by phone. Similarly, Voyager will not contact you on social media (this includes DMs on Twitter). Voyager will not ask for your username or password, other than in the Voyager app. And we will never ask for your seed phrase under any circumstances.

Remember, in order to transfer crypto on Voyager, you must login to the app with your password and two-factor authentication and initiate your transfer. Your transfer is not confirmed until you click the email sent from confirming you initiated the request.

We urge anyone that has been contacted by an unauthorized domain or email impersonating Voyager to reach out to the FBI and Voyager Support (please select “Report a Scam” in the drop down menu). Below is an example of the fraudulent July 2nd email that, we understand, was sent to certain Voyager customers. The email has been sent from a variety of email addresses including, but not limited to, and Please be on high alert as these are not likely the only email addresses being used.

To be clear, the email example below was NOT sent from Voyager. Do not provide the sender of this email or any other with any of your account information.


Spam Email Example

We have reported these emails to law enforcement authorities and will continue to make every effort to ensure the safety of your recovery. If you have already proceeded to initiate a transfer through an impersonating account, please reach out to Voyager Customer Support and select "Report a Scam " in the drop down menu so that we can do everything possible to stop your initial distribution to the compromised wallet. If available, send a screenshot of the email you received so that we can send to law enforcement.

In closing, here are a few additional ways to protect your account while you transfer crypto.

Use an Authenticator app for two-factor authentication

A second layer of authentication, two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) gives your Voyager experience an important, added layer of security by requiring a unique identifier code to log in, withdraw funds, or make changes to your account. We recommend authenticator apps, such as Google Authenticator or Duo, instead of SMS text authentication.

Beware of Promises to Return Value

The only way to receive your initial recovery of crypto in-kind during the 30-day window is through the Voyager app. Beware of emails that ask you to connect your wallet or that are from a URL other than These are not legitimate companies contacting you and may impact some or all of your recovery. We suggest that you never share your account information with anyone.