On Monday, August 16, at approximately 9:30 am ET, Voyager paused all trading and transfers of VGX. You can expect to see your holdings of VGX in your portfolio and your account balance as usual during th temporary pause. 

If you have a Voyager account, your VGX tokens will be automatically swapped and there is no action required on your end. The token swap will take place over the course of four days, ending on Friday, August 20, around 1 pm ET. 

Over the course of these four days, Voyager will be diligently working to coordinate the swap with our exchange partners, as well as performing the token swap for all of our customers who hold their VGX on the Voyager platform. 

Note: these times are subject to change due to the nature of the process. We will continue to keep you updated through emails and social posts, including notifications when the swap begins and when it’s finalized.

For more information, please read the Official Token Swap: timeline and summary