A Recurring Buy is an easy way for you to set ongoing trades and forget about them!  

Setting up a recurring buy by scheduling future purchases of an asset at a set dollar amount to occur in regular intervals as you choose. 

Customers automatically invest in crypto without the stress of timing the market! By setting a dollar amount and an investing  interval(choosing from daily, weekly, monthly or bi-monthly), you can take advantage of dollar cost averaging, an investment strategy that lets you steadily increase your portfolio while hedging market risk.

To set up a recurring buy: 

1. Tap the user icon (person icon found at the top of the Portfolio and Market screens) to access your account page. 

2. Tap on the "Recurring Buys" section on your account page 

3. Tap Add and select the digital asset you would like to set up for a recurring buy 

4. Select the bank account you would like your funds pulled from and the frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthy or Payday (1st and 15th) 

5. Input the USD amount of the asset you would like to buy 

6. Slide the "Slide to Schedule" purple banner and then review the details on the confirmation page and tap "confirm" to finalize your recurring buy